Suspended Service FAQ

Our goal throughout the suspension of operations has been to communicate with guests frequently. Even so, you may have questions. Here are many of the answers. If you don’t see the information you’re looking for here, please feel free to reach out via email. Stay safe and stay connected with us on Facebook, #TurningStonefromHome.

What will happen to my TS Rewards Points?
Your TS Rewards Points will not expire or change during our temporary suspension. You can continue to use — and earn — TS Rewards Points at our Savon and Maple Leaf Market convenience stores.

What happens to my unused Free Play?
When we reopen, new offers will be issued for June.

What happens to the entries I had for upcoming promotions?
All promotions have been cancelled during the suspension of operations. Any entries earned for will be transferred to new promotions when we reopen, and guests will be notified of their entry balances. No entries will be lost.

I was signed up for 10K Bingo. Are they still good?
Yes, hold onto your registration. The April 10K Bingo event will be rescheduled and you can be part of it!

Will there be refunds or payouts for betting tickets from The Lounge with Caesars Sports?
Winning betting tickets can be mailed for processing per the instructions on the back of the ticket. In addition, tickets can be cashed in after we reopen since they are valid for a year.

How can I view my win/loss statement?
You can access your win/loss statement through 24/7. You can e-mail for assistance if you have never used

What happens to the gift giveaways that were planned?
We will reschedule any planned gift giveaways as soon as possible. Qualified guests will be notified of the new pick up dates.

What happens to my remaining comps and offers?
When we reopen, all guests will receive a new set of comps and offers identical to you latest offers.

If I can’t earn Points, how will my VIP tier qualification be affected?
We will adjust the VIP card level qualifying period based on the time we are not open.

I purchased concert tickets. How will I know what’s happening with shows?
If you bought tickets through the Turning Stone Box Office, you’ll receive an email regarding the status of your show. If rescheduled to a later date, your ticket is still good!

  • If you need a refund for a rescheduled or cancelled show because you cannot attend, please contact
  • If you purchased your tickets at the Turning Stone Box Office (877.833.7469), a credit card refund may be processed. Cash sale refunds can only happen after we re-open.

Will the restaurants open for take-out?
Turning Stone Grab & Go entrees and desserts from our popular restaurants are available at Maple Leaf Market. Call ahead for Curbside Pick-Up and we’ll bring them out to your car. Please visit for a listing of store locations.